In our previous post, we all started using a Fitbit to monitor how much we walk in a day. When we look back at the results of the first week, we were pleasantly surprised! We have collectively gathered 930K steps in the first 7 days. That’s awesome, however, we have to up our game if we want to achieve the 50 million target by December. Still some work …erh… steps to do. We need to make sure that our initial enthusiasm does not falter, so we try to keep motivated to keep on stepping! Some of us have also started this month with an extra goal, like drinking less alchohol or soft drinks and quit smoking. We are really getting healthy in February!

Team spirit

Not only are we working on getting fitter, there’s another nice side effect from our new Fitbit: extra team spirit! We were a great team already, but joining hands on this challenge has worked wonders on our group. During the day at the office people are talking about their steps, comparing and challenging each other. It’s so great to hear how we encourage and inspire one and another. Because we can al see how much steps the other person has taken, silly jokes and a little banter are never far away. But it’s all in good fun and we definitely want to up the ante on working hard and making sure we get to our goals!

From these talks, additional ideas come to mind. We can now announce that we have an official team of 8 joining the Spartacus run. Most likely we’ll be dragging, wriggling and crawling but we’ll be doing it as a team. Wherever we end up, it will definitely be fun  ;).

We’re just getting started! Next, people are joining:

Let’s just say, so far so good. We’ll keep you posted!