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Fidiem Platform for Virteo

Virteo offers an online platform to bailiffs and lawyers to make collecting due payments easier.

Recently, this start-up from the Flemish city of Mechelen managed to raise enough funds to further develop this platform and to build a strong team to manage it.

Virteo was also covered in an interesting article in “De Tijd”, a financial and economic newspaper. Narato will support them and help them to reach their goals.

Karel Vanderheyden

CEO - Virteo

“Virteo has very ambitious plans, a strong team and agility is our second nature. Naturally, we could only work with a company that could guarantee us the same enthusiasm and high standards. Narato checks all these boxes and understands what we want to achieve at Virteo. They are an ideal companion in our plans.”

Nicolas Uzelac

Antwerp City Platform-as-a-Service Squad Leader - Digipolis

“Narato combines the eagerness of emerging, technology driven pioneers and the cleverness of a real challenger with execution capabilities. ”Think big, start small (and fail cheap)” is their leitmotiv, which fits perfectly with the ambitions of our Antwerp City Platform. Their agility to adopt and their service-oriented mindset makes them a very valuable partner.”

Antwerp City Platform as a Service (ACPaas) with Digipolis

“Maak samen met ons van digitaal Antwerpen een pionier, want de beste ideeën ontstaan als we de handen in elkaar slaan.” 

In the spring  of 2015, the City of Antwerp started an ambitious but fascinating program: building a platform in order to facilitate and speed up the go 2 market for the city services, citizens, companies and all people & instances in need of digital touchpoint and communications. Antwerp City Platform as a Service (ACPaaS) was born.

Digipolis gathered a community of innovative start-ups around them and started to build a solid platform with technical and business ‘engines’.

We must admit that in the beginning we were a bit sceptic about the ecosystem they wanted to build. After all, Digipolis is a governmental organization that has specific rules and a certain robustness. We didn’t expect them to adopt the agility and velocity of a start-up like Narato. Luckily, we were proven wrong.

Today we can say we are one of the bigger partners in this community and happy to be part of it.

HSE World Event 2016 with Wolters Kluwer

Healthcare Safety & Environment (HSE) @work is one of Wolters Kluwer business units. Specific information, tools & software, consultancy services and education is their offer. Out of the box thinking and game changing initiatives are their differentiators.

Every year Wolters Kluwer organizes the HSE World Event for professionals.

For the 2016 event Narato was asked to invent, design and build some teaser applications. Narato was happy to accept this challenging and interesting project. We got a chance to combine the emerging world of IoT, proximity based content, mobile apps and  even a bit of augmented reality.

Ilse Liekens

Project Manager Innovation - Wolters Kluwer Belgium

“We have known the Narato consultants for quite some time now. ‘People make the difference‘ is bit of an old- fashioned slogan, but in this this is so true: they do make quite a difference @Narato. Innovation is their second nature. Combined with their pragmatic approach, human touch, responsiveness and hard work this makes them a unique partner!”