Graph models, especially property graph models such as implemented by Neo4j, have nodes with optional labels and relations with a type. Both nodes and relations can have properties.

When we are architecting our graph solutions we quickly bump into the requirement to visualize our graph models. While well known tools such as Microsoft Visio allow drawing several types of models, graph models aren’t that easy to grasp.

A common free online tool used for drawing graph models is Arrows. This tool tends to be quite difficult to work with, certainly with the recurring updates. It seems best fit for fire-and-forget usage.

At Narato we like our tools preferably to be lightweight and to the point. Furthermore, they have to be online and flexible. Lately we started using Lucidecharts and this offers a very easy and visual attractive way to visualize graph models.


Here’s an example of a graph diagram we used for a museum recommendation concept. The graph looks very nice and it only took a minimum amount of effort to create. The non-technical audience during the presentation of this concept were not aware of graph concepts, yet this drawing was perfect to visually support our case.