Wanted: API Developer

if you’re an awesome API dev, we’ll REST our case 

The job: API Developer


Note: If you can’t read the job description below, you’re probably in the wrong place.

Otherwise, go ahead…have a look…enjoy. Who knows, you might fit right in here

Wrong place? Perhaps Frontend Developer is more your thing

  title: "API developer",
  description: "We’re looking for flexible, motivated people that are looking for a new job… Yeah right.  We’ll stop right here with the typical recruitment text you’ll find on 99 % of the job listings.",
    usedAComputer: true,
    developedAnAPI: true,
    question: "you know the HTTP code for ‘I 'm a teapot’",
    yourWork: "Build microservice oriented API's. You're proud of your API design & you know how to handle data persistancy. You balance between API purism and developer pragmatism",
    teamwork: "you can figure out how to work together with a designer, scrum master and product owner",
    skills: ["RESTFul API's","NodeJS||NetCore||.Net 4","SQL Server", "Microservices design"],
    wouldBeGreatIfYouKnow: ["Document Databases","Neo4J","Microsoft Azure","VSTS DEVOPS/ALM or similar","PostgreSql","Docker (App containers in general)", "Windows Server/Linux"]
  areYouSure: "We know one thing for sure, all you know now will be obsolete in a year. Be prepared to learn, be curious, go on an adventure and make your job fun. You’re in the driver’s seat, we’ll provide the (PHEV) car 😉",
  outro: "If you believe in the same values as we do, let’s have a chat and show us how good you are.",
  cultureValues: "http://narato.be/narato-your-story-our-solutions/",
  apply: "ward.elst@narato.be||Apply button above here"