I’m writing this at the end of my first days in my freshly started Narato-chapter.
As you might have noticed on the website, Narato is about listening to your story and providing the best solution.
At the time of writing, Narato is still a young start-up … but, in my opinion, it already packs quite a punch.

A lot of people change jobs daily, for lots of different reasons. I started my new job on the first of March.
But let’s take a few steps back to see why I chose to work for Narato.

Honestly, I wasn’t actively looking for something new. I was just sporadically listening to what other people had to say.
You know… seeing what you’re worth based on the usual interviews or by just checking out what others were looking for.
Somewhere along the line I was contacted by someone who had just changed jobs herself and said she found a company that matched my personality and profile.
So I went in for a talk. After more than two hours of just talking I got intrigued. A company that does the right thing whenever possible, cares about the planet and the people on it. On top of that, Narato tries to give back and sets gears into motion to actually help out. It does sound fresh, doesn’t it?

Needless to say I signed the needed documents and a new job was in sight. Even before I could actually get  started, I got a few phonecalls concerning projects I could be involved in. Already active before the start, right! It was settled, I would join a project with technologies and frameworks I had never seen before. Everyone is eager to learn and so am I. It’s what keeps a job interesting. So I said: bring it on!

The first of March was finally there  and when I arrived at Narato I immediately got a warm welcome!
I said hello and introduced myself to the new colleagues before setting off again to meet HR, Fleet and the Servicedesk.
Handy to know where these people are since they take care of you and your gear. But back to Narato…
Since I had already been planned into a team for a project nearby, I had the opportunity to start figuring out the technologies I was going to start with. It’s always good to have a little leeway to get that extra edge and not arrive without a single idea about what you’re getting yourself into. Apart from technological prepwork, I had the pleasure to write down (on a paper on the wall) what I enjoy doing professionally. Now, you might ask yourself why I had to do this.
The purpose is to have an idea about what people within the company like doing so they can try to facilitate exactly that. Doing what you like is fun and if work is fun, you’ll do a better job. Logical isn’t it?
I’ve said before it feels like a home here. Part of what takes care of that (I think) is a non-hierarchical structure. Everyone can take on any role and is expected to give a shout when they want to do something. Be it on a professional level or a social level.

One week later and my first impression remains the same. The people here are the good kind of people. Good laughs here and there and total concentration when it is required. I also had the opportunity to look into upcoming projects that will help the planet (Stay tuned: a planet needs bees!). It all feels right and it seems they took the time to think about what this company stands for.

This was just a glimpse into my thoughts after my first week of work at Narato. I’m excited to see what the future will bring for this company and myself. If any of this sounds like something you would like, drop us a line :).