In 2016 Narato was born and it was time to celebrate with our first event!

Ever since January we have been a separate entity with our own distinct purpose. However, we’re not starting from scratch. We redesigned the company from the ground up and our cultural values are at the core of this new design.

Sprint zero

Seventeen people have joined Narato, so we decided it was time to show our group the new direction we were taking. Reflecting the agile & scrum approach that we typically use we called it our company’s sprint zero.

For our very first company event we didn’t want to take the stage with a boring PowerPoint presentation showing off vanity figures. Instead, we wrote and drew our core values on flipchart paper and hung these around the room. Whenever people felt like it they could read and annotate them using post-it notes.

Tom Braekeleirs from nthink helped us with some real fun excercises to better understand and feel the core values. After that, Anthony Liekens from the Open Garage  introduced us to an on the spot hacking session. The goal was to light up the IoT enabled lights in front of the core value flipchart papers. We used IFTTT and came up with ideas such as finished todo’s or cards moved in Trello to get our lamps lit. There even was a trigger that worked when an astronaut entered space! Some people used the REST API to enable the happiness core value whenever their build would run successfully. Someone turned on the lamps based on a music stream but the most challenging set-up was even cooler, literally. Whenever the fridge opened and the light of the fridge turned on, so would the light of the core value. This included working with a Particle Photon device.

Not only did we manage to get the message of our new culture out, we also had lots of fun. We had a very relaxed, interesting evening and our first event received very positive feedback from the group. I  think we can all be proud of this flying start 😉

A big thanks goes out to Debbie De Jaegher from The Happy Room to provide us with this excellent location and great food!