Your story, our solution!

Open communication

Transparency is important, both internally or with our customers and business partners. We aim for clear communication. Narato believes in openness and handling people with care and tact.

Some examples:

  • The company results are open, so everyone can contribute to them.
  • We have no problem sharing our pricing secrets.
  • We always create room for people’s opinions.

Self improvement

We create an environment in which people can grow and learn from their mistakes.

We believe:

  • we don’t always need micromanagement, our teams are self-organising.
  • people can improve their own happiness and quality of work and life.
  • in encouraging people to break out of their comfort zone so they can exceed their expected roles or functions.
  • in providing time to reflect as an individual and as a group.

Positve work environment

We aim for positive contributions in every conversation or in every aspect of our job.

How can we do this?

  • We work to replace negative thoughts with positive actions.
  • We encourage our peope to  be proud of their achievements.
  • We learn from our mistakes and communicate with each other. This way we can all do better in the future.

More than just a job

If it is possible, we opt for solutions and projects that help the community. The believe that profit will come as a result of doing good is part of our way of working.

Some examples:

  • We are always looking for new ways to aid in environmental and social projects. These projects matter to us, so we are happy to help wherever we can.
  • We are open to social projects and good causes. For example, people that bring on new employees get to donate 250 euro to a good cause of their choice.