The charity

Today I would like to introduce a charity to you that I deeply care about. Care for kids is a charity that has grown out of one of my favorite past times, computer gaming and particularly Eve Online. The founder of the charity plays the game whenever he is  hospitalized again. It was during such a time that he noticed that some kids and young adults were there whenever he was. They were very interested in what he was doing and asking all kinds of questions. Before long, the charity started to take off. First unofficially, later as a fully acknowledged charity. Their goal is to bring positivity and happiness to families that are going through the roughest of times.


I can almost hear you think, “What has Narato got to do with this?”. Well, charities in general have never struck a cord with me. That changed when I started working for Narato. We have a rather different approach to what we believe a company should be doing.

Do the right thing” is a multifaceted core value to our company, together with “People”, “Planet” and then “Profit”. Because of this cultural difference I started to think differently about several topics. Being charitable fits within the values of the company and we act on it, for example through our latest contribution to the planet. Slowly but surely my mentality shifted. One of my first ideas to make it on our Ideas Trello board was to support charities. Normally we got a €25 gift voucher for our birthday. But the idea to align with our core value came to fruition and employees can now choose a charity to support for €25, instead of the gift voucher.

Care for kids

Care for kids” is one of the charities that has grown from the Eve Online community. It appealed to me because I have two fantastic sons. Thinking that one of my boys could be a kid with a life threatening disease, alone in a hospital bed at night awake from the medications… It’s a thought I can’t bear. So I started to support “Care for kids” and did so with a rather fun project. I was very happy that I could help out the charity, but found my contribution lacking. A newer and better idea hit me when I saw one of the volunteers give a presentation during a big community event called Fanfest in Reykjavik earlier this year. During the presentation he went over a plethora of possible ways of how you can help out.

An idea started to grow. We are part of a very large group of companies of IT specialists and each of those specialists gets a new laptop every three years. Ergo, just maybe I could have some of those old laptops and repurpose them for the charity. Most hospitals don’t have the resources to make a gaming laptop available when one of their patients wakes up in the middle of the night after a round of chemotherapy. Maybe we could help with that problem and offer them a bit of distraction during those hard times.

The execution

I chased the right people within the company and asked them to donate some old laptops. Unexpectedly, a reply hit my inbox asking me to select a brand new laptop that is suitable for gaming. I am very proud to announce that I may hand out two brand new laptops, thanks to my employers. I am attending a German community event called G-Fleet where the first laptop will be handed over to Jonas King Sjösten, founder of “Care for kids. The second laptop will be handed over to the “Care for kids” representative for the United Kingdom during the biggest community event in the United Kingdom called EVE_NT next week. This means that by just asking a simple question a charity has now been helped. This shows that we can all make a difference if we just try and that is definitely something that we encourage here at Narato!