Are you interested in working together or “co-create” with us? By all means, we’re here for you ;). You are probably wondering what this cooperation might look like. Well, we’ll show you all the different options below! If you think that one of these would be perfect for you, don’t hesitate to contact us!


pocWe sometimes start with a mock-up, which is an example of what the actual end result could look like. It is like a maquette, the little carboard minihouses you probably recognise from housing projects.

Sometimes the mock-up is like a wireframe, but it can also be something like a more finished “fake” website.

By visualising the ideas, creativity starts to flow and ideas surface. That’s the main goal of these mock-ups.

Proof of Concept – PoC

pocThrough a  Proof of Concept (PoC ) we can evaluate and prove how things can work together. It’s not a complete working result but rather a part of it. The main goal is to test drive the technology that can be used in your environment. The PoC typically uses your data so you can recognize it better. This way you can also determine if the output is correct.

A PoC is non production material. This means you can’t use it on a larger scale. You can use it to evaluate the partial concepts, which is very useful. It also gives you insight in how things work. If the PoC is not what you expected, it will only cost you a small amount of money which is significantly less than the price for a whole project of course.

A PoC is comparable with a concept car. They usually drive but some parts aren’t finished yet and you are not able to take it for a spin on the regular roads.

We can continue working after the PoC is used during demo’s and you feel that we’re on the right track. Some parts might get thrown away while others are good to extend. At all times we strive for maximum reuse of the delivered PoC assets.


pilotA pilot is another way to co-create your solution. It is a more elaborate version of the PoC. This is a complete working version of the solution or at least a part of it. Normally we choose one subject and we start our development. We usually create a pilot when we’ve built similar things before and we have confidence in our concept. A pilot delivers immediate business value, sometimes referred to as “low- hanging fruit”.

A pilot is not something we throw away, it is a foundation for future versions. During the creation of the pilot, we apply professional techniques required for production software.

However, a pilot is not a complete solution but it is a completed part of it.

Usually we choose to create a pilot when we know each other a bit better and initial trust has been established. With every new customer we work on the trust relationship because this is something we need to earn, both ways. We welcome you to be as open and honest as we will be with you.


projectWe should actually call it a “production worthy” project. A project always has a starting point and an ending, varying in length. Even though we like working together, our main goal is to get you started and self-sustaining as soon as possible.

The goal and main topics are determined upfront and live/change throughout the course of the project. A healthy budget or a budget fork is agreed upon upfront. We don’t believe in blank cheques. At Narato we strive for maximum transparency and insight in what is being done, what we deliver and what you are paying for.

To keep our time, the result (value) and the budget in balance we apply an agile approach that always takes your situation into account.


roadmapSometimes there’s a need for multiple projects or phases. Reasons could span from budget constraints or replacing large (unsupported) legacy systems to the pace of which you as a customer can adopt or absorb the changes.

In these cases we will help you by providing a roadmap that shows the different projects succeeding each other. A roadmap is typically proposed on a timeline where the first projects are shown with more details in scope and budget. Later projects are usually more conceptual of nature but these become clearer in time.

Roadmaps live as well. Every finished step provides new insights that can change the direction of the rest. We both learn all the time and this new knowledge is taken into account.