One of our 4 core values is about doing the right thing. This value has many faces and one of them we translate into “People, Planet & Profit”. Basically it comes down to:

People: We want to invest time, money and energy in our people so they become better at what they do. This way they can grow and become a better version of themselves. Additionally, we want to invest in people who are less fortunate by partnering up with good causes and helping them out, be it financially or any other way possible.

Planet: We refuse to be blind for environmental issues. Now, we’re not Greenpeace, but we do want to contribute. In this pillar we want to contribute to a healthier planet.  We do this daily in the way we work, which you can read all about in our post “the little things”.  But we also show this in the projects we do.

Profit: As a company we need to make money to pay our co-workers and the bills. If all goes well, there’s a profit or some margin. This profit can then be spent on the People and Planet. Hence we introduced PP projects…

What is a People & Planet project?

PP projects are projects that we at Narato work on that will not be charged. Our people donate their time, knowledge and energy to a good cause so we can make other people happy.

An example: today we’re working on an app for, a company located in Belgium whose main goal is to turn around the trend of a decreasing bee population. You can actually adopt bees as a company and they’ll take care of them.  We are helping Carnica with an app that helps them in their daily operations to maintain the beehives. So, by helping Carnica we help the bees and the environment indirectly. This is how we can contribute.

Will any project do?

Now, we do have a few criteria before we go ahead with a PP project.

Technology & Methodology fit: Let’s say that we want to build a site for an animal shelter but they require us to work in a waterfall (non-agile) project in Drupal. Unfortunately, we would have to pass on that. We want to be able to choose the technology and who works on the project. Preferably co-workers who can still learn from the project.

Public content: During and after the project, we want to use this case publicly. We want to share  the good things we do with the world and hopefully inspire others to do so as well. This way the project will get some extra attention as well, which might benefit the organisation,

Achievable: The days we can spend on our PP projects are limited. Unless we win the lottery, we only have a limited number of days per project. We have to be realistic at all times. So, building an ERP from scratch for an NGO of 1000+ mandays is not something we can afford, unfortunately. We also want to spread our love to multiple causes, so we would rather do 10 smaller projects per year than 1 big one.


We welcome all great ideas! Perhaps you are working on a good cause and you need some help. Or do you have the skills & some spare time and want to join? Reach out,  let’s create and make the world a better place together 😉