In full growth

Narato is a company in full growth, so we are always looking for new people. Through different channels we approach talented people that would fit in with Narato. Yet, who is better suited to know who could be an excellent addition to the team than our very own employees? We believe that one of the strenghts of Narato is that we all join forces to be a stronger company. We have full transparency and value our people’s opinions. They can easily assess if somebody they know would be a good match with Narato. We trust their instincts and are always happy if they suggest to invite someone for an interview.

Narato helps

If we decide to add someone to the team and this person was suggested by one of our own, we will gladly offer them a little reward. We do this in our own Narato way.

  • We are very happy when our own people value Narato enough to make us grow. Therefore, whenever we hire somebody through a connection of one of our own employees, we offer them € 250. This is just a little gesture to show them that we really appreciate them going beyond just ‘the job’. We like to encourage everyone in our team to look for worthy additions to keep Narato a succesful company.
  • We have now made two people happy. One was given a brand new job and another person got a small monetary token of appreciation. Why stop there? We love the idea of paying it forward, so to celebrate our newest addition to the Narato family, we have one more surprise. So, we offer another € 250 to our own employee to give to any organisation of their choice that makes the world a better place. We then give them the opportunity to share in a very short article which organistation they decided to support, so more people can learn about them as well. At Narato we understand that others are in need of support as well and whenever we can help, we will not hesitate!

So, the bigger Narato gets, the more we can and will share in our success. We hope to welcome lots of new employees to the team and help other organisations in the process. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved, so we couldn’t be happier about that!